Is a Solar Generator Worth it? Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Solar Power for Camping, Van Living, Overland, and Outdoors

Is a Solar Generator Worth it? Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in Solar Power for Camping, Van Living, Overland, and Outdoors

Solar generators are becoming increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, overland explorers, and van-lifers. Solar generators provide a reliable source of electricity and can be used to power lights, laptops, phones, and appliances when you are off-grid. Investing in a solar generator can be a great way to reduce your reliance on traditional power sources while enjoying the outdoors - if you have the right setup.

This article will discuss the benefits of investing in a solar generator for camping, van living, overlanding, and other outdoor activities as well as for preparedness situations. We will look at the advantages of using a portable solar generator and what kind of setup is best for your needs. We'll also cover some tips on how to get the most out of your investment in solar energy technology.


Introduction: What is a Solar Generator and What Are the Benefits?



A solar generator is a device that uses solar energy to generate electricity. It consists of a portable solar panel and a power station which can be used outdoors for overlanding or van life adventures or indoors for emergencies such as during power failures.


Solar generators are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide clean, renewable energy without the need for traditional fuel sources. Additionally, solar generators are relatively easy to use and maintain compared to traditional generators.


Types of Solar Generators and How They Work


Solar generators for vehicles and travel are available in two forms: fixed (mounted) solar generators, and portable solar generators.


Fixed solar generators are hard-wired into your vehicle, and are powered by mounted solar panels. In contrast, portable solar generators offer versatility and movable panels.


Portable Or Fixed - Which One Is Right For Me?

While fixed generators offer continuous power when the sun is shining, they also require you to park your vehicle in the sun or to mount solar panels in a set position on a building to maximize efficiency. In contrast, portable solar generators allow you to park your vehicle in the shade and adapt your panels to the position of the sun to maximize your charging potential.

A good question to ask yourself is - are you willing to park with sunlight exposure to generate power?


How Much Does a Solar Generator Cost? Factors to Consider When Calculating the Investment


Several factors you will need to consider before investing in solar, including reliability, ease of use, noise, maintenance, and power draw.

1. Reliable Source of Power

Solar generators provide a reliable source of power for overland expeditions, van life, and backup / emergency power. Solar generators can capture power from sunlight via solar panels, or be charged via the unit’s DC or AC input. Thus, you can charge your solar power station while you are on the road (or trail), and when you’re parked.


Have you ever been stuck out on a trail longer than expected? No need to worry about choosing between powering your devices or refuelling your vehicle. Unlike traditional generators, solar generators enable you to reduce your dependancy on finding a local gas station.


2. Easy to Use

Solar generators are incredibly user-friendly. To begin powering your devices, simply plug in your device and turn the unit on! No need to prime, choke, or pull-starting, unlike a gasoline generator.


3. Lightweight + Compact

Solar generators are compact and lightweight. Unlike traditional generators, they do not require to you carry additional liquid weight. What could you do with the additional space saved by a solar generator?


3. Power Multiple Devices

Solar generators are capable of powering multiple devices. The smallest generators are perfect for charging laptops, cell phones, drones, or other small devices. Larger generators, such as the Explorer 1000W or 2000W Pro are capable of powering refrigerators, electric grills, coffee makers, or CPAP medical devices.


4. Quiet

One of the biggest advantages of a solar generator its is the lack of noise. Unlike gasoline generators, solar generators are silent. Many designated sites (such as campground and RV parks) only allow generators during specific time windows, while others have banned generator use completely.

Beyond camping, overlanding, or RV’ing, solar generators are often a superior choice in the event of an emergency. When power is scarce, running a noisy gas generator attracts unwanted attention and creates a high theft risk. Gas generators must be watched at all times and always put away at night.


5. Use Indoors + Outdoors

Solar generators are safe to use indoors or outdoors, unlike gas generators which must remain outside due the toxic fumes that is produced during operation. Further, you are also able to safely store and transport your portable solar generator within your vehicle, unlike traditional generator setups.


6. No Ongoing Maintenance

Gas generators require significantly more maintenance than solar generators. A gasoline generator requires regular maintenance such as oil changes, filter changes, spark plug cleaning or changes. The only maintenance required for a solar generator is to keep the unit charged and to periodically check the power levels within the device.


We hope this article helps you to determine if a solar generator is worth the investment for you. If you have any further questions, give us a call at 1.888.351.9212 or send us an email at!

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