Benefits of Solar Power Generators for Camper Vans and RVs

Benefits of Solar Power Generators for Camper Vans and RVs

Camper vans and RV's have fundamentally changed the camping experience, making it easier to get out and enjoy nature. However, mobile home and van life enthusiasts need reliable access to power, which is why many are using solar power generators and solar panels. 

If you are thinking of using solar power for your vehicle, here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy.

Benefits of Solar Power Generators for Camper Vans and RVs

Easier traveling and more freedom

Van life and overland travel is becoming increasingly popular as a way to explore the world. It provides freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want. 

Solar generators are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to travel and explore the world with more freedom. With solar power, you can take your camper van or RV anywhere and have a reliable source of energy. Solar panels provide a clean and renewable source of power supply that can be used to charge your devices, cook food, and even light up your campsite.

With solar generators, you can enjoy the outdoors while still having access to all the modern conveniences that make traveling easier.


Solar generators are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective and reliable source of energy. While solar generators require larger initial investment, they offer significant long-term savings over the course of the generator's lifetime. Unlike traditional generators, solar generators do not "burn" money as they operate, and do not require significant ongoing maintenance to maintain functionality.  

It’s eco-friendly and great source of energy

Solar generators are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness, reliability, and environmental friendliness. Solar generators use the sun's rays to generate electricity, which is abundantly available. Further, solar generators operate at high efficiency and allow energy to be stored for later use. With solar generators, you can reduce your carbon footprint while still having access to the power you need.


Lightweight parts and portable

Camper vans and RVs have limited spaces to fit all necessities. Preparing for a expedition requires evaluating the tradeoff between function and space. Driving a heavily-loaded vehicle is difficult, it burns more fuel, and it limits your ability to travel freely.

But worry no more! Solar generators are compact and lightweight, and can fit neatly into any vehicle. 

Minimal maintenance and silent equipment

The cost to operate a solar power generator ends after you purchase the unit. To keep a solar generator operating effectively, all you need to do is keep the solar panels clean by giving them a quick wipe! Gone are the days of oil changes, mixing fuel, and replacing worn pull cords.

Beyond limited maintenance requirements, solar panels and power generators operate in silence. Unlike traditional gas-powered generators that produce 57 dB of noise during operation, solar generators produce only 7 dB!


Jackery Solar Power Generators

Jackery is the leading global outdoor solar generator brand that empowers campers to go further beyond borders. Jackery offers an array of portable, versatile green generators that meet all outdoor needs from charging your smartphones or laptop, to powering power-heavy electronics such as electric cooking equipment, heaters, lights, and even mini refrigerators.

Check out Jackery's range of products in Canada here!

Jackery Solar Generators

Jackery Solar generators are the full-kit deal, including a solar power station and solar panels. Jackery Solar Generators capture energy from the sun via solar panels, and store this energy in a power station for later use. This setup is perfect for reliable and clean energy for campers, RV's, and expeditioners.

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Jackery Portable Power Stations

Jackery Portable Power Stations

Jackery Portable Power Stations are rechargeable batteries that provides energy storage for your camper, van, or RV. These solar generators can deliver power from 200W to over 2000W. Whatever your needs, the Jackery Portable Power Station is a great way to ensure you have access to reliable energy when you need it most. 

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Jackery Solar Panels

Jackery Solar Panels lets you harness the power of the sun through portable solar panels that can be folded and strapped for easy carry and use. With one of the highest (23.7%) efficiency in the industry, you can make the most use of the sun and convert it into clean energy.

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Solar power is becoming popular among camper van and RV campers as it provides a reliable and clean energy source. Camper, overlanders, and van life enthusiasts are increasingly turning to this renewable form of energy for their vehicles!

And if you’re looking for high-quality and durable solar power generators, Craze Outdoors has you covered. 

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