1% For the Planet

Craze Outdoors donates 1% of its gross sales to not-for-profit organizations that protect our special places.  When you make a purchase though Craze Outdoors, you are also contributing to preserving these Canadian treasures.

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Current Projects:

Friends of Kananaskis

Friends of Kananaksis Country

The Friends of Kananaskis Country strive to maintain the ecological integrity and recreational use of Kananaskis Country by engaging in trail care, stewardship, education, and research.

Since 1996, the Friends of Kananaskis have devloped programs and activities that...


Educate people about the appropriate use of this natural treasure through our environmental education programs


Actively protect the ecosystems within Kananaskis Country through trail care and other volunteer programs

Community Service

Offer volunteer opportunities that enhance community involvement and connection with Kananaskis Country

Interested in joining?

Help make a difference in your Alberta Parks.