3 Best Heated Apparel Pieces to Stay Warm as the Temperature Drops

Are you also dreading bringing out all your layers and spending extra time each morning figuring out how to avoid looking like a cabbage 🥬🥶 Been there, done that! 

If you want to avoid the hassle but still enjoy the outdoors in the cold, we have the perfect solution for you! With just one click, you can experience the warmth and comfort of Ororo heated apparel from Craze Outdoors. 

Here are our top 3 heated apparel picks from our diverse collection of Ororo heated apparel, which has become an absolute best seller each fall season!

1. Heated Vest

Vests are not only incredibly warm but also versatile. Whether you're walking your dog in the crisp autumn air, cheering on your local sports team, layering it under a winter jacket, or even braving a chilly office, this vest is the perfect piece to keep you cozy. Crafted with FELLEX® insulation, an eco-friendly and sustainable material certified by BlueSign®, these vests offer enhanced filling to trap heat and provide exceptional long-lasting warmth. Despite its superior insulation, the vest remains lightweight, allowing for unrestricted movement in any activity.


2. Heated Jacket

When it comes to jackets, expect nothing but an ultimate comfort and warmth with the soft shell fabric exterior, which effectively retains heat. The jackets are equipped with a detachable hood that provides extra protection on windy days and adds a cozy touch to chilly mornings. With water and wind resistance, this jacket allows for unrestricted movement during various outdoor activities such as motorbike riding, sports, camping, fishing, and construction. It is an ideal choice for you, your family members, friends, and employees to brave the cold and chilly climates while enjoying outdoor adventures.


3. Heated Hoodie

Want to keep it casual and comfy? Our heated hoodies are the perfect choice, combining style and warmth to keep you cozy on chilly days while you explore our beautiful Canadian landscapes.

The fleece hoodies have a thicker, softer, and warmer fleece fabric, ensuring that you retain all the warmth without any heat loss, allowing you to enjoy comfortable coziness.

Despite its insulation, the hoodie remains lightweight, giving you unrestricted movement and versatility in how you wear it. It's the perfect choice for you, your family members, friends, and employees to stay warm while participating in various outdoor activities such as motorbike riding, sports, camping, fishing, construction, and more, even in cold and chilly climates.


With Ororo heated apparel, staying warm in the dropping temperatures has never been simpler or more stylish. Shop a wide range of options, including heated vests, jackets, and hoodies, and find the perfect piece to suit your personal style and keep you cozy. Don't let the cold weather put a damper on your outdoor adventures. Say goodbye to shivering and say hello to embracing the great outdoors with comfort and style!

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