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About Our Backpacks

We provide a range of packs for multiple purposes and sell a selection  of children's hiking  backpacks and packs designed specifically for women. Many of our backpacks also come with a lifetime warranty (see individual packs for details). Generally, backpacks fall into three categories:

  • Day Packs

    Smaller, light meant for day hikes. thesepacks are usually less than 25 liters. These will pack lunch, water, first aid kit, clothes and your phone or camera.

  • Overnight Packs

    Overnight Packs are designed to carry tents, sleeping bag, cooking gear, clothes and more. These packs carry more gear and weight. They have enhanced back support and better weight distribution especially at the hips. These packs typically fall into the 25-50 liter range.

  • Trekking Backpacks

    Trekking Backpacks provide the most room for multi-day trips. These packs are larger, often modular and provide superior comfort and adjustability in the back and on the hips. These packs are typically over 50L.