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About Our PaddleBoards

Where possible, Craze Outdoors sells stand up paddleboards made by Canadian companies. We do this due to their superior quality since they are built for Canadian lakes, rivers and oceans. Buying from a Canadian supplier also means that should you need help or warranty support, it is just a phone call away.

We generally divide our stand up inflatable paddle boards into three categories based on activity. These are:

Surf stand up paddle boards are shorter and wider to allow the rider to handle quick changes in direction, provide better maneuverability and stability when in waves.

Flatwater stand up paddle boards are the most common paddle board sold  and used in lakes and gentle rivers or streams. They are longer than Surf paddle boards but narrower. Their design allows a rider to travel further and with more comfort. 

Race paddle boards are design for speed and are usually longer and narrower. They require more skill to handle but due to their length they track easier in a straight line which can make turning them harder for inexperienced users.
We also stock some paddle boards specifically for youth (smaller and lighter) and for women (with carry straps that clip onto the board when inflated. 

All our paddle boards come fully equipped with paddles, pump, backpack and funs. 

If you need help choosing a stand up paddle board feel free to call us at 1.888.351.9212 to talk.