About Craze Outdoors

Our journey began in 2021

Conrad Carter, an outdoor enthusiast from Calgary, Alberta, founded Craze Outdoors to share his passion with others.

Frustrated by in-store and online experiences, he saw an opportunity to better serve the needs of fellow outdoor enthusiasts. It began with a question:

"what would happen if we cared as much about our customers, our planet, and our community as we did the bottom line?"

Family first!

Craze Outdoors owes its existence to the unwavering support of family and friends. From humble beginnings in our home garage, to late-night packaging sessions, and even building our first store by hand – every step of the way, our loved ones stood by us. Today, as we expand beyond our wildest dreams of just two years ago, our family's support and dedication continues to be the cornerstone of our success.

The first store

Starting a sporting goods store during the pandemic wasn’t easy. Despite the challenges, very soon we've expanded our inventory from hike and camp gear to include overland and vanlife essentials. Now, we carry items like power stations, electric coolers, and portable heaters.

It's been just a year since we expanded into our first store front. In that short time, we've outgrown our space, hired two full-time employees and are moving to a bigger, better location. We wouldn't be here without incredible support of our valued customers.

Team Craze would be honoured to have you there on May 4th to celebrate this milestone together.

Our new address is: 6023 4th ST SE, Calgary