EcoFlow Buyers Guide: River VS Delta Series

Portable power stations have become a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and those in need of emergency power backup. EcoFlow is a company specializing in manufacturing portable power stations for outdoor and emergency use. They offer two main product lines: the River series and the Delta series.

The EcoFlow River Series

Recommended uses: Tent camping, remote working,  RV trips, or running home essentials

The EcoFlow River series is all about outdoor fun! Whether you're camping, hiking, or tailgating, these power stations have got your back. They come in different sizes, ranging from 256Wh to 768Wh, and are super compact. With multiple output ports like AC, USB-A, USB-C, and DC, you can power up your devices at the same time!

The EcoFlow River series is perfect for keeping your phone and laptop charged, LED lights powered, and your speakers plugged in.

There are currently three models to choose from. The EcoFlow River 2 is the entry-level model with 256Wh of battery capacity. The Max model packs a punch with 512 Watt-hours of battery life. And if you're looking for the ultimate power station, the River 2 Pro is where it's at! The River 2 Pro packs an impressive 768 Watt-hours of power - enough to run a laptop and a Starlink router for a full 8 hour workday!

The EcoFlow River Lineup

The EcoFlow Delta Series

Recommended uses: RV / Vanlife / Overland/ Home emergency power backup, or for off-grid adventures.

The EcoFlow Delta series is all about power, power, power! It's perfect for users who want to explore in their RVs, vans, or overlanding setups; backup power at home; or for epic outdoor events like film productions and outdoor concerts. The Delta series is bigger and bolder, with a capacity ranging from 1024Wh to 3600Wh. And guess what? It's got all the cool output ports too, including AC, USB-A, USB-C, and DC, plus a high-powered DC output for your heavy-duty equipment.

The EcoFlow Delta series is perfect for powering appliances from coffee machines fridge/freezers, or curling irons. Looking to work remotely? Looking for full home-backup power? Look no further than the EcoFlow Delta lineup.

Just like the River series, the EcoFlow Delta series have three types: Delta 2, Delta 2 Max, and Delta Pro. Each model brings more power and more options!

In the battle for power supremacy, the Delta Pro takes the crown as the most powerful and feature-packed. The Delta 2 Max, on the other hand, strikes a balance between serious power and portability. And don't underestimate the Delta! It may have slightly less battery capacity and power output, but it still kicks butt when it comes to portable power stations for outdoor adventures and remote working!

Let's dive into the key differences between these models:

Power output: The Ecoflow Delta 2 and Delta 2 Max pack a punch with a maximum power output of 1800 watts and 2400 watts respectively, while the Delta Pro takes it to the next level with a whopping 3600 watts. That means the Delta Pro can power even more high-wattage devices at the same time!

Battery capacity: The Delta Pro wins the battery capacity game with a massive 3600Wh, followed closely by the Delta 2 Max with 2048Wh, and the Delta with a still impressive 1024Wh. The Delta 2 Max and Delta Pro can keep you powered up for longer durations than the Delta 2.

Charging time: Need a quick power boost? The Delta Pro is the champ with a lightning-fast charging time of just 2.7 hours from an AC outlet. The Delta 2 Max takes around 1.1 hours to charge, while the Delta 2 takes only 50 minutes from an AC outlet!

Weight and portability: The Delta 2 Max and Delta Pro are a bit heavier than the Delta 2, but they're still portable powerhouses. The Delta 2 weights in at only 27 lbs, making it a breeze to carry. The Delta 2 Max is slightly heavier than the Delta 2, at 50 lbs. The Delta Pro is the heaviest of the three Delta batteries at 99 lbs, but the wheels and handle make transporting the unit almost effortless!

Extra cool features: The Delta Pro has a few tricks up its sleeve that the Delta and Delta Max don't have. It's got a built-in 30A, 12.6V Anderson Port for powering RV’s, trailers, and vans directly!

To sum it up, the EcoFlow River and Delta series are all about giving you power when you need it. The River series is all about being portable and perfect for your outdoor fun, while the Delta series is big and powerful, ready to handle heavy-duty use and backup power.

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will you have black friday sales?

the american site of ecoflow sends out flash sales but the canadian side doesn’t. this just ends up being confusing and discouraging to buy ecoflow products here given the disparity in prices and lack of availability

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