A better way to fundraise

Imagine fundraising simply by buying the things you normally buy without the hours of fundraising and door knocking or asking for money? If this is what you need, our FundLocal program is your solution. Craze Outdoors FundLocal program provides needed funds for any local school, community group, sports team, youth group or other group who provides positive benefits for the community they serve.

Who is Craze Outdoors?

Craze Outdoors is a Canadian owned and operated 5-star Google rated sporting goods and outdoor equipment retailer. We are strong proponents of giving directly back to the communities we serve and is why our employees often volunteer locally to reinvest in our communities. Our goal is to leverage the demand for being outdoors to help these same communities.

How it works

1. Receive a redemption code and welcome kit. Share this code and our introduction email with your members.  

2. Every time one of your members makes a purchase through Craze Outdoors, your organization receives 5% from the sale. Funds are paid out quarterly.

Program benefits

Receive 5% from each sale each purchase when your FundLocal code is used.

We also offer free same day or next day delivery in Calgary (rest of Canada = free same or next day shipping) on all orders over $49. 


To receive a FundLocal code. your organization must:

- Be legally registered in Canada

- Serve its immediate community. Be an educational, social, sports or outdoors focused based organization.

Examples: Sports teams, schools, outdoors groups, scouts, cadets, search-and-rescue, and not-for-profit groups

Want to discuss the program?


Is there a cost to join?

No. There is no cost to join at all.

Can only our members take advantage of the fundraiser or can we share the fundraising code with others?

You can share the fundraising code with anyone who would support your organization including friends, family, neighbours or any other relevant parties.

Does our organization have to buy and manage products or make any purchases?

No. Your organization does not buy anything or ship items. Craze Outdoors handles everything including shipping and delivery. You just get paid. 

Is there a minimum spend requirement to be on the program?


How long does the program last?

The program runs during defined periods each year which are specified on your welcome email.

Are there restrictions on what items are eligible such as sale items, clearance items etc?

Rarely. Occasionally on large ticket sale items items the discount may not apply.