Hubba Hubba vs Elixir

MSR Hubba Hubba vs Elixir Tent. Which one to choose?

MSRs two top selling tents are the Hubba Hubba and the Elixir. According to MSR, both are backcountry tents with slight differences that are worth noting before you make your decision on what to buy. Here is a summary of the differences:

Hubba Hubba vs Elixir Tent

Hubba Hubba
Think of the Hubba Hubba as the highly portable, lightweight tent for longer backcountry treks where portability and packability are the top priority.

Likewise, think of the Elixir as heavier, more durable and slightly more roomy. The Elixr is perfect for shorter hikes to the campsite, beach camping or for car camping. In addition, the Elixir includes the tent footprint so there is no need to purchase one. 



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