January 13, 2023

Portable Solar Generators 101: What They Are, How They Work & Why You Need One

By Craze Outdoors

Solar generators are quickly becoming a leading alternative to gasoline and diesel generators. Unlike their tradional counterparts - solar generators are quiet, easy to use, and can operate indoors.

What Is A Solar Generator?

A solar generator is a system that harnesses power from the sun and stores it for later use. Solar generators combine solar panels with a portable power station to provide reliable, clean power.

How Solar Generators Work

  • Collect & Convert

    Collect solar energy by placing solar pannels in direct sunlight

  • Store Power & Support

    Stores power in a lithium battery from a solar panel and releases stored energy

  • Application

    Power a wide variety of devices and applications by releasing stored energy

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Why Solar Generator?

  • Green

    Solar Power: Zero carbon emissions


    No noise: dB at 7M (quieter than human whispering!)

    Easy to Use

    One press of a button provides instant power

    No Additional Costs

    No additional costs on fuel or maintence

  • Polluting

    Fossil-fuel generators release C02, formaldehyde, and other volatile organic compounds during combustion


    Noise exposure at 7M: 57dB

    Start Up

    Engine requires choking, priming, and ignition.

    Ongoing Operational and Maintence Costs

    Fossil fuel generators "burn money" through fuel expeditures, and require on-going maintence for the lifetime of the generator

Is A Solar Generator Right For You?

  • You live in an area exposed to natural disasters (flood, fire, tornado, winter storms, or hurricanes)

    A solar generator can be a lifesaver when the power goes out - keeping the fridge cold, the lights on, and cellphones charged.

  • You camp in remote areas with limited / no access to power

    A solar generator can provide consistent access to clean power. No need to fire up a loud generator to brew your morning coffee.

  • You use medical equipment

    A solar generator can provide a more reliable energy source of backup power during an emergency. Solar generators are commonly used to keep CPAP machines running during a power-loss event.

Find The Right Solar Generator For You

Overall Thoughts

Solar generators are the way of the future - providing clean, safe, and sustainable energy. They are great backup options for when the power goes out, or when you need a little extra power when camping, tailgating, working remotely.

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