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About WhiteRock Performance Gear

WhiteRock Performance Gear is one of Craze Outdoor's favourite Canadian brands. Based out of Edmonton AB, WhiteRock PG provides gear for people who need solid gear that you can count on.

  • Performance Coolers

    Rugged durable coolers that keep ice frozen for days. Unlike most other companies who measure volume from the outside, WhiteRock PG's storage capacity is measured from the inside, meaning you can actually put 78 qt of goodies in their 78 qt cooler.

    WhiteRock coolers also come loaded with dozens of features unlink most other "performance" coolers on the market.

  • Tumblers

    Hot or cold...your choice. These tumblers keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Whether you are on the beach enjoying a cold one or need that coffee to get you through hours at the rink watching the kids play hockey, tumblers will get the job done.

  • Growlers

    WhiteRock PG growlers offer big cold or hot drink storage. Like the Tumblers, WhiteRock's growlers provide party size drinks wherever you go so you can top off yours and your friend's drinks.