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TailGater Tire Table - Aluminum

TailGater Tire Table - Aluminum

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The TailGater Tire Table is a portable table that is designed to attach to a vehicle's tire, providing a sturdy and convenient surface for various outdoor activities like camping, tailgating, or picnicking. TailGater TireTable is a practical and innovative solution for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a portable and space-saving table option that can be easily set up wherever your vehicle can go. It's particularly popular among campers, tailgaters, and adventurers who value convenience and functionality during their outdoor activities.

Design Construction:
The TireTable is made of lightweight but durable aluminum. It features a flat surface (tabletop) that is supported by adjustable legs, and it's specifically designed to attach securely to a vehicle's tire.

Attachment Mechanism: The table usually comes with an integrated bracket or clamp system that allows you to fasten it around the tire of your vehicle. This ensures stability and prevents the table from slipping or moving around while in use. No tools or hitch required for installation. Installs within seconds.

Versatility: The TireTable is versatile and can be used for various purposes. It provides a convenient surface for preparing food, setting up a camping stove, enjoying a meal outdoors, or even working on small tasks.

Portability: One of the main advantages of the TireTable is its portability. It can be folded down into a compact size for easy storage and transport, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who need a portable surface that doesn’t take up much space.

Space Efficiency: By utilizing the vehicle's tire as a stable base, the TireTable maximizes space efficiency and provides a level surface even on uneven ground. This can be especially useful when camping or tailgating in areas where traditional tables or surfaces may not be available.

Compatibility: The table is designed to fit a range of tire sizes and types, but it's important to check the specific compatibility of the TireTable with your vehicle's tires before purchasing.

Note: This is not meant to be used as a seat or a step.


Durable camping table that uses a vehicle tire for its main support.

Weighs just under 6 pounds

Easily holds 50 pounds

Stable and level regardless of the ground conditions

Retractable leg for extra support. Straight or angled towards tire / rim

The rear slider can be flipped over to get a better grip on the rear of the tire.

The rear slider & back of the table must engage the tire for a snug fit.

If your fender is extremely close to the tire, it may not fit. But in some cases, it can be angled while installing.

No tools or hitch required for installation. Installs within seconds.


All parts are included and are stored on table, including t-bolts.

Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum with powder coated finish.

Standrad Size:
Dimensions: 23"W x 29"L x 1.5" H (add an additional 1.5" high for rear slider).

Will fit a 25" tall tire up to a 40" tall tire

The rear slider opens up enough to fit a 15 1/2" width tire

Large Size:
33.5" L X 28" W X 1.5" H (add an additional 2.5" in height for rear slider)

Fits 30" tall tires up to 50" tall tires

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