Why Rent Snowshoes?

Snowshoeing is an exciting way to explore the breathtaking Alberta landscape. Whether you're looking for a day trip or a longer adventure, Craze Outdoors will get setup for the perfect snowshoeing experience. With snowshoes for all sizes and skill levels, the Craze Outdoor Snowshoe Rental Program makes it easy to get out into the wilderness and enjoy the beauty of Kananaskis, Banff, or beyond!

Calgary Snowshoe Rental Packages

MARCH SPECIAL - $5 / Day Rentals!

  • Snowshoes + Poles

    If you are looking for a complete setup, we recommend picking up a set of set of snowshoes and poles

    $5 / Day 
  • Snowshoe Only Rental

    Already have a pair of ski / hiking poles? The snowshoe only rental is for you.

    $5 / Day 

Rent or Buy? - Explained

At Craze Outdoors, we want to set you up with the right gear for your outdoor adventures. Whether you're just getting started, or looking to refresh your old gear - we have you covered.

  • Cost Savings

    Craze Outdoor's snowshoe rental program offers affordable access to the outdoors. Whether it's your first time on snowshoes, or you're only able to make it out a few times a year - renting snowshoes offers access to quality gear for only a fraction of the cost of ownership.

  • Sustainability

    Renting gear can reduce equipment emissions by 30% - 50%. Rental gear is repaired and maintained by Craze Outdoors, which increases a product's overall usage and lifespan.

  • Save Storage Space

    Renting snowshoes can be a great way to save on storage space. No need to store your snowshoes in the garage with all that other gear. Renting is a clutter-free way to enjoy the outdoors as and when you want to.

  • Repairs & Maintenance Included

    When you rent snowshoes from Craze Outdoors, we take care of the ongoing maintence and repairs of the snowshoes - so you can focus on getting outdoors and enjoying your free time.

  • Cost Savings (Frequent Use)

    If you are the outdoorsy type and are getting out to the mountains more than 7 times a season, it may be worth it to pick up a pair of snowshoes.

    Good news: if you end up picking up the sport, we can credit your snowshoe rentals towards the purchase of a pair of shoes!

  • Getting Exactly What You Need

    Although renting snowshoes has its advantages, there are also some drawbacks associated with renting snowshoes, such as limited rental availablity during peak periods and selection of equipment suitable for mountian / alpine terrain. When you purchase snowshoes through Craze Outdoors, we can help you choose a pair that will match your chosen adventure.

  • Always Available

    While we work to optimize our snowshoe fleet, we may run into situations where we have no gear available for your prefered trip dates. If you need your snowshoes at a moment's notice, it may be worthwhile to purchase a pair.

  • Tailored Fit

    When you purchase your own set of snowshoes, you can tailor the fit of your snowshoes to your specific shoe.

Do you snowshoe, hike, ski, or board in the backcountry?

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